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Celina Spliffs “I don’t like Staten Island but I’ll rep it to the death of me”

Celina Spliffs lays bare her unfiltered thoughts on Staten Island in the first part of a candid interview series.

🗽 Staten Island Real Talk:

Celina Spliffs doesn't hold back as she shares her candid opinions about Staten Island. It's a raw and unfiltered conversation that goes beyond the surface, offering a glimpse into the complex relationship between an artist and their hometown.

🌆 Rep it to the Death:

Despite her reservations, Celina Spliffs expresses a profound loyalty to Staten Island. Explore the nuances of her connection to the borough and what it means to rep it "to the death of me."

🔥 What's Coming in Part 2:

Part 1 is just the beginning of Celina Spliffs' story. Get ready for more revelations, insights into her journey, and a deeper understanding of the artist in Part 2. The saga unfolds.

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