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C.M.D.I "Think Bigger; Dream Bigger" (Exclusive Interview)

C.M.D.I is a Brooklyn artist, But the world is His Stomping grounds. This artist is fast becoming a business mogul on the music scene! An Alumni in the School of Hard Knocks, C.M.D.I aka Cook Monsta Da IIlest learned to get it by any means necessary. He started rapping at 7 years old in Puerto Rico, rhyming in Spanish on his uncles tape recorder over . Listen to the full interview below.

He has come a long way, producing his own music and even helping cultivate other upcoming artists globally. He's dropped a bunch of music accompanied by stunning videos and rocked the stage numerous times with electrifying performances! Check one of them below. Due to his hard work and dedication he met platinum artist Roddy Rich and was able to show him the "Die Young" Spanish Remix (Video Below) live in studio, catching the eyes of some heavy hitters in the game.

Since his start in music he has branched out into clothing, a Media Marketing called "Weekend Warriors" and some other businesses he's keeping secret for now!

His visuals are shot by Akin Films, an infamous videographer amongst the New York music scenes. Akin has proved more than capable of bringing even the most farfetched ideas to life behind his camera lens. We got to go with Akin Behind the Scenes for some of his video shoots with other NY artists such as Flex NYB! (Footage and interviews Coming soon)

Thanks to Flex NYB we were able to get him on the phone while on his stay in California for an exclusive one on one interview!

We got to delve into his life, come up, crazy experiences with music industry stars and more! His Music is available on all Platforms! Check out his latest Music below on Spotify Available Everywhere! CMDI's favorite song currently is "Dark Place". What's Yours?

CMDI is truly an innovative artist, remaking and remixing songs that you would have never even thought of such as the Theme Song from "Dawson's Creek" and actually manages to make them sound fire! If you don't believe us check it out here.

We Would like to take this opportunity to thank CMDI for being the First ever interview done by Shaoliiin Entertainment. CMDI perfectly stands for what we represent here at Shaoliiin; Be The Movement. Don't wait for opportunities to be created, Create the opportunity. Be your own Boss.

Now, think about what your Goal in life is. Now Think Bigger. Dream Bigger.


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