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BroGod "The Good Die Young" Rip Panda (Full Interview)

Updated: May 20, 2021

BroGod visited us live in Shaoliiin at Deemoh's Underground Studio, for his first ever interview! We spoke about his come up, death, aliens & more. He came down all the way from north Carolina to give us a very memorable interview. He brought us through to meet his producer and some of the members of his Demonlow Collective. (Check out the full interview above and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube for the latest upcoming interviews!)

BroGod came up in North Carolina up until the age of thirteen with his mother, who he cherishes above all else. He had a stepfather in his life but they don't seem to be on the best of terms as seen in the interview above. Being raised by a "Black Queen" has given him a greater respect for women and the struggles that they may face behind the scenes. Once he turned thirteen he moved to New York and got into football, thinking it would be his ticket out of the hood!

His mother was heavily rooted in church, where he ended up being head of the choir! However, he didn't start making music until after college. His homeboy Cal pushed him to make music after hearing BroGod rhyme a bit and helped him to chase his potential. He's come a long was since the start of his career; dropping countless singles and high quality visuals to match. Check out his latest release below "Maid" available on all platforms (produced by Deemoh, his in house engineer).

Brogod has a unique fun sound.He considers his style melodic trap. He speaks about some real shit while riding an abstract flow. He says that the biggest challenge for upcoming artists is "having your money right". Most artists don't have the money to finance their artistic vision oftentimes impeding their progression. Having to get it by whatever means necessary BroGod hustled and grinded so that he can have a strong body of work.

He knows that the picture is bigger than himself, so he's formed a squad of likeminded creatives around him. The Demonlow Collective & LSD (an affiliate group of artists) have created an underground network that originated in N.Y has begun to bleed out into Pennsylvania & New Jersey! They all push one another further, utilizing each others connections and furthering one another's careers selflessly. He has countless collaborations and takes every opportunity to hop on a song with his friends and add a new spin to it! Check out this Music vide with him LAF and Saus.

We Spoke about the loss of his close friend Panda and how the thought of his death brings him to tears. We didn't ask him to get into details of the murder for fear of triggering him but you can check out the News Clip of how it went down from ABC 7 below.

Another soul lost too soon to senseless street beefs. He was completely transparent with us letting us know that he cries sometimes to get through it. Music is his therapy. He told us that his brothers live on through him forever and make sure that their names are never forgotten. He wants to leave a mark on this world before he leaves this life and the way he's going he'll be a star in no time!

Check Out his music below!



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