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Bellagio Ellavicci "I'm a Healthy Drug Addict" (Full interview)

Bellagio Ellavicci is energy. We met up in Deemohs secret underground studio in Staten island, N.Y.

He came through rocking custom Death by Designer which is currently only exclusively available to friends and family (We are Still waiting for our Shipment Respectfully). During our interview we spoke on his come up, goals life lessons and much more! This has to be one of our favorite interviews to date. Check out the Full interview video below while you read along.

Bellagio was born in Brooklyn but raised in Staten Island. He doesn't feel like his life really started until he became 7 years old. He had a heavy church upbringing with both of his hardworking Liberian parents. Having 2 brothers and one sister, Bellagio has always been the one to stand out in his family.

Bellagio is a big anime head, into really gory anime such as Berserk which actually inspires some of his more gruesome rhymes.

He was also an avid gamer coming up playing games like mortal combat & street fighter but he is currently the worlds top leading NCAA14 player (We did some research and it seems to be self proclaimed). When he was younger the great behavior of his brother made his parents keep them laced with the latest gaming systems but Bellagio's rambunctious behavior kept him locked in with the Xbox 360 his entire life.

Staten Island helped form the person he is today and also allowed him to meet his closest friends. The biggest life lesson he's learned thus far was to just stick to those who have been genuine with you since day one and work together to achieve your dreams.

Living by this mantra he has formed an unbreakable bond with his Demonlow collective. Check out this video of them wildin out in their homie Snoop Music video below. The chemistry is undeniable.

His musical style is unorthodox! He bounces around the studio freestyling on a whim. He never spits the same take twice so he depends on the engineer to bring his vision to life. He even claims to have set the early trends for Soundcloud rappers 6 years ago till now. Some of his musical influences are Busta Rhymes, D.M.X, Missy Elliot, Andre 3000 and Tyler the creator. He likes people who tell stories when they rap. Its clear to see their influences in his style and energy, but he has managed to create a musical sound all his own.

Him and his squad have been cooking up project after project and loading them into a clip ready to shoot. He has plenty of features with artists but the main reason for this is because he is surrounded by creatives in his circle of friends. Once they figure out their proper marketing strategy and the intricacies of the internet they will be dropping back to back. Check out his latest song with BroGod below.

We asked him if he actually did all the drugs that he spoke about in his music. His answer? Absolutely. he feels like the drugs help keep him calm. Bellagio has done it all from coke to acid but he considers himself a healthy drug addict. He drinks a bunch of water and tries to take care of his body. His drug of choice is weed, being able to use it on a day to day basis and having the least harmful side effects.

The drugs that he takes aren't meant to numb what he feels although ultimately that is usually what it ends up doing. He doesn't take the drugs because he deals with depression or anxiety, he does it because it makes him feel good. He believes everything is healthy in moderation.

Stay in tune with this store on his ride to the top and watch out for our follow u interview in the next couple of months! Check out some of his music below and be sure to follow him on social media to stay in tune with his latest releases!



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