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Updated: Jan 13

Almost 3years after that wild insurrection that took place on January 6th, where the Capitol was overrun by Trump supporters. And there have been over 1,000 arrests, with over 400 people having already been convicted and sentenced. The remaining cases are pending but I for one am pleased with this outcome. January 6th to me was like a different type of 9/11, not as extreme but as an American I'm not used to seeing America get attacked especially by Americans. I'm only 33 so I didn't experience Pearl Harbor only The Attack on the towers pt 2, and now the Attack on the Capitol in Washington.

I don't know why but people don't seem to share my opinion, but if all those people were muslim or black they would have been murdered by the military on the spot like this was china. You think they play that shit over there? You think Russia or china would let people just run up in their most honorable places of government and kill people? Nah fam, America has been slipping for awhile now and we need to get back on track asap before the bombs start dropping, another one of the many reasons not to vote for or allow Donald Trump to run For president. Let us know how you feel in the comments below. Thank you.



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