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Are Millennials The New Old Heads!?

When I was a young adult I remember having the biggest crush on Lindsey Lohan and getting teased for having a crush on a white girl. Although, she wasn’t the only film star I had a crush on, that film just seemed right for crushing. Anyway I noticed a poster a new Version so I Quickly confirmed with google incase I was hallucinating. And by golly wouldn’t you know it, 20 years later they’re remaking it. I’m definitely not going to see it though, unless I bring my daughter, because now I feel creepy going to see a film about high school girls by myself.

Now with that I ask are millennials the new old heads? Because I definitely feel too old to be watching certain movies of listening to certain music. However that could just be be my old soul having ass. Let me know how you feel about this remake in comments down below. Thank you.


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