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Albee Al Unleashes Jersey City Spirit with Deluxe Edition of "I'm From Marion"

Jersey City's own rap artist, Albee Al, has long been hailed as the "Jersey City Gladiator" throughout his career. With his latest release, the deluxe edition of "I'm From Marion," Albee Al reinforces his deep connection to his hometown, specifically Marion Projects. This project serves as a declaration of his belief that anything is possible, showcasing his growth from a harsh upbringing to becoming one of EMPIRE's standout artists.

The deluxe edition includes a range of powerful tracks that delve into Albee Al's journey and experiences. Notably, "My Heart Frozen," featuring Millyz, explores Albee Al's desensitization to the superficiality of the superstar lifestyle. Albee Al candidly reflects on his transformation, acknowledging that he is no longer the same person and how the fast-paced lifestyle no longer fazes him. Millyz's verse adds depth to the track, sharing his own story of overcoming adversity in the streets and displaying a hardened heart towards those who were absent during his struggles.

Collaborations and Remixes: The deluxe album showcases notable collaborations, including the remix of Albee Al's "Sturdy," featuring drill rap's rising stars Tay Savage, Rah Swish, and MG Ant. Other featured artists on the album include KaMillion, Leaf Ward, Shani Boni, and Lil Tjay. Notably, Albee Al's visual for "TOP OPP" with Lil Tjay has already garnered significant attention, amassing 484k views on YouTube within the first month.

Albee Al's Journey: Hailing from a family deeply involved in the street lifestyle, Albee Al's path was shaped by his surroundings. However, his passion for music grew alongside his connection to the streets. After a brief prison stint, Albee Al was determined to represent Jersey to the fullest. His breakout hit, "Ten Toes Down," in 2016 gained massive traction, amassing 7.8 million views on YouTube.

His captivating delivery and unwavering confidence led to performances on renowned platforms like HOT 97, LA Leakers, and ESPN's SportsCenter. Throughout his career, Albee Al has collaborated with notable artists such as Uncle Murda, Fetty Wap, A.R. AB, Arsonal, and Kodak Black. His 2019 mixtape, "Koba," reached number 21 on Billboard's top independent album chart, and his latest mixtape, "FREE THE REAL," received acclaim from REVOLT, OkayPlayer, The Source, and more.

With the deluxe edition of "I'm From Marion," Albee Al showcases his authentic Jersey City spirit and resilience. His raw and introspective lyrics, coupled with captivating collaborations, highlight his growth as an artist. This project is a testament to Albee Al's unwavering dedication to his craft and his relentless pursuit of success. Follow Albee Al on social media to stay updated on his latest releases and performances.



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