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Exclusive: Eighty Gee Talks his Journey and the Power of Loyalty in Music

Shaolin Entertainment is proud to present an interview with upcoming rap artist known as Eighty Gee, from Albany, New York. In this interview, he shares some insights into his background and experiences.

Eighty Gee hails from the south end of Albany, New York, where he grew up in a small town. According to him, his town is unique because it's active due to everyone being in close proximity to each other. He shares that growing up was fun for him, but he also knew what struggling was. The biggest lesson he learned while coming up was that people have to earn your loyalty; don't just give it away.

Loyalty is everything to Eighty Gee, and when asked to choose between loyalty and respect, he chooses loyalty. In his opinion, loyalty is the catalyst for everything, and it can be the base of love and respect. He believes that respect is a healthy fear that prevents people from going too far.

When asked about his music and its relation to his Crip affiliation, Eighty Gee says that music came first, and he was always a Crip from day one. His music has shaped his life, and he talks about real things that he has experienced. He believes in being true to himself and rapping about his emotions, whether it's about love, hurt, or anger.

In conclusion, Eighty Gee is an artist who believes in loyalty, respect, and being true to oneself. He is using his music to express his experiences and emotions, and his fans can look forward to hearing more real and authentic tracks from him.



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