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Adam "Pacman" Jones Drops New EP "The Outlet …Finally Free" & Inks Universal Music Group Deal

Adam "Pacman" Jones, a name you likely associate with the NFL, has now reinvented himself as "The Real Pacman Jones" in the music industry. And the buzz is all about his latest EP, "The Outlet …Finally Free." But there's more to this story – Adam Jones has officially signed with Universal Music Group, marking a new era in his music career.

His debut single under this exciting Universal partnership, "Ferrari Kick," is set to hit the airwaves on November 24th. It's a milestone that deserves a grand celebration, and that's precisely what happened recently at The Cult Lab, an exquisite city venue. The night was a perfect fusion of luxury and flavor, with complimentary cocktails, tantalizing appetizers, and an array of exquisite D'usse and Jay Elixirs to delight your senses.

The culinary experience was a revelation, thanks to the talented Private Chef Jae Jones, and the lavish soirée wouldn't be complete without Platinum Drip Treats' delectable sweets. The evening reached its crescendo when Pacman took the stage for a show-stopping performance that left the crowd electrified and primed for non-stop revelry.

"The Outlet… Finally Free" EP is a hip-hop extravaganza, boasting twelve tracks that exude rich boy swag. Each song is an invitation to revel in life's experiences. From the energetic "Rich Swag" to the carefree vibes of "Schmell Me," this EP is all about good times.


  1. Pacman Freestyle (Intro)

  2. Rich Swag

  3. Killer Whales

  4. Graduated

  5. Uncle Phil

  6. Dreams Come True

  7. Maybach Twins

  8. Money

  9. Schmell Me

  10. I'M Him

  11. Back 2 Back

  12. Penny Stock (Outro)

After a stellar 14-year NFL career, filled with Pro Bowl and All-Pro distinctions, Pacman Jones has made a triumphant return to his roots in music. Now, he's unburdened by any limitations, ready to unleash his creativity. He's rebranded himself as "The Real Pacman Jones," emphasizing his commitment to authenticity and originality in his music. With "The Outlet… Finally Free" EP, he's transcended the athletic arena to make an indelible mark in the music industry. The man known for his on-field accomplishments is now winning hearts with his music, proving his talent extends far beyond football.

Stay tuned as "The Outlet …Finally Free" EP drops and "Ferrari Kick" hits the airwaves this November. Keep following The Real Pacman Jones's journey for more updates and exciting releases.



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