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Places To Buy Steel Toe Boots

Wolverine CarbonMAX composite toe boots and shoesuse nanotechnology to provide protection without theweight. Lighter and thinner than steel, these toe capsare made for comfort while being just as safe.

places to buy steel toe boots

Step 2: You can also try to manipulate the boots with your hands after taking them off from Step 1 while the leather is still soft. Bend, twist, and wring the leather to further the break in process.

"Working as a project engineer in manufacturing, I grew tired of wearing bulky work boots that made it impossible to dress professionally. Women in demanding industries deserve better workwear that helps them stay safe AND feel confident."

A little over two years ago, I set out to build a company that makes high quality, comfortable work boots and clothes. The idea is simple and straight-forward, but the passion behind the business runs much deeper. Growing up in a blue collar household, I spent my teenage years roofing and landscaping alongside my childhood buddies.

The Largest Western Store in Iowa and the surrounding region is Long Creek Outfitters in Leon, Iowa. We stock a massive selection of boots - Work Boots, Cowboy Boots, Dress Boots, Exotic Boots, Safety Toe Work Boots, Lace Up Packer Boots. We also stock the largest selection of denim anywhere in the region. All the top brands including; WRANGLER, CINCH, ARIAT, CRUEL, ROCK N ROLL and more.

We ship nationwide. Long Creek Outfitters Western Store is open 7 days a week and offers same day shipping on items that are in-stock allowing most shoppers to receive their new boots or western clothing in as few as one day shipping.

We also carry Texas boots and fully insulated styles, as well as safety shoe widths from narrow to extra-wide (up to size 13 for women, and size 20 for men). Choose from composite toe, steel toe, aluminum toe, and carbon fiber toe for your specific work environment needs! Call Haney Shoes today.

Need a boot that can handle the tough jobs? Look no further, SafetyGirl has various styles of steel toe boots for women to meet your needs! Nearly all shoes in our selection receiving an ANSI rating based on their protectiveness. We carry brands like Avenger, Carolina, Chippewa, Genuine Grip, Justin, Moxie, Nautilus, and more! If boots aren't your thing, most of the brands we carry also offer steel toe safety shoes for women as an alternative. These shoes are designed with the look and feel of a tennis shoe and the protection of a steel toe boot. Brands like Puma, Reebok, Timberland, and Wolverine offer styles that offer ANSI ratings, heat resistance, oil resistance, and slip resistance. Regardless of whether you prefer a traditional leather boot or athletic safety shoe, we've got all you need to succeed with peace of mind, without sacrificing style!

Sandra K. says, "The steel toed boots saved my foot the first day I wore them. I spend a lot of time moving wood from a shed to the house to burn in our fireplace. A log fell on my foot, and I didn't even feel the impact!"

Manual labor can be hard on the feet. We've narrowed down the best work boots to help you tread carefully in dangerous work environments, and also stand comfortably on hard surfaces for hours at a time.

After testing, the Caterpillar Alaska 2.0 steel-toe boot ($140) came out on top for steel-toe work boots. The Alaska 2.0 is a 6-inch steel toe boot that was newly designed for increased comfort, while still offering the same safety features and durability that CAT has always been known for.

A steel shank in the sole provides stability and support but does not overwhelm the flexibility of this boot. Many work boots boast protection but are bulky and can negatively affect your gait. The Alaska 2.0 felt nimble and still allowed for foot awareness. The abrasion and slip-resistant outsoles shed mud and dirt easily while offering good traction. These boots are also built with a Goodyear welt, which means they can be resoled repeatedly.

The CAT Alaska 2.0 boots come in 6-inch steel toe (tested), 6-inch standard toe ($135), and 8-inch steel toe insulated ($155) varieties. For comfort and durability, these are some of the best work boots for a wide range of environments and projects.

These boots sport a thick full-grain leather upper with a rubber toe cover that reduces toe wear and adds shock absorption for when you really need to kick something. The glued-on tread is heavy duty but easily sheds soil and rocks, and is made from a slip-resistant rubber.

With an 8-inch shaft, the Shell CT boot has the potential to be very supportive. We just wished it offered a little more, as we found more ankle support in some of the 6-inch boots we tested.

Despite tipping the scales at 35 ounces (per boot), these hardwearing boots are deceptively light on the feet. Under the hood, the toes are protected by a composite safety toe. A fiberglass shank lightens the load while providing structural support. The midsole is made from dual-density foams, simultaneously subtracting weight and adding flexibility and comfort.

The combination of a welted and cemented sole allows for durability, stability, and a very comfortable boot that breaks in quickly. These are the most comfortable Goodyear welt* boots on the list. We use an asterisk because, unfortunately, the three-quarter welt is not resoleable.

A fully waterproof bootie sits under the waterproof leather, extending into the gusseted tongue. We typically find this level of weather protection in winter hiking boots but rarely in work boots. Bonus: This also protects against bloodborne critters.

Many boots use special formulas of urethane compounds that strike a balance of flexibility, durability, and increased traction on slick surfaces. If you work in shops where oils occasionally spill on the floor, look for shoes that specifically indicate oil and slip resistance. The best of the best are certified to meet SRC slip-resistance standards.

Soles can be cemented or welted to the boot. Cemented boots are lighter, more flexible, and arguably more comfortable out of the box. But once the sole wears out, shoes with cemented outsoles are irreparable.

Need more support? Consider an aftermarket insole. Available in a variety of thicknesses and cushion levels, Superfeet orthotics add a touch of personalized support to your boot. We particularly recommend an aftermarket insole for boots that lack a midsole.

Other boots, like the BOGS Bedrock, use waterproof leather. In addition to waterproof leather, Timberland adds a waterproof-breathable membrane to its Boondock (which also resists bloodborne pathogens). These membranes allow boots to be both waterproof and breathable.

ASTM-F2413 standards rate boots specifically for compression, impact, metatarsal, conductive properties, electrical hazards, static dissipation, and puncture. Here are some typical ASTM abbreviations:

Take care of your boots. Invest in a good horsehair brush to regularly dust off dirt and grime. Clean your boots with warm water. Leather is like your skin and needs moisturizing. Condition your leather boots after every wash.

Work boots that hurt your feet generally do not provide the correct support, or they do not fit correctly. Finding the correct boots for your feet is important, and generally, the more money you spend on a work boot, the more comfort and support you will get. Follow our buyers guide above to help make a comfortable choice.

Direct injection is a process of injecting molten material (often polyurethane work boots) for the sole and then immediately pressing the upper onto it so they bond. This keeps the boot lightweight, flexible, and is generally stronger than cement without driving the cost as high as welting.

Goodyear welting has been around for a looooooong time and is still considered the strongest possible way to put a shoe together, the upper, midsole, and outsole are sewn together using thick, strong thread. These boots tend to be heavier and take longer to break in, but are much more durable.

Part of the Online Stores, Inc Family -- One of the top 500 internet retailers worldwide 2 years in a row! We are one of the largest online vendors in the world of work boots, work clothing, and safety equipment from top brands like Carhartt, Dickies, Carolina, Timerland PRO, Pyramex and many more!Online Stores, founded in 2002, is a privately owned company based in New Stanton, PA that consists of 6 other stores, alongside Construction Gear. Construction Gear was established in 2008 and has been providing customers with support and products that are designed in the best interest of those who use them. Being an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau of Westmoreland County, we pride ourselves on commitment to our customers and assure the best experience with us. At Online Stores, we guarantee quality products at low prices with fast shipping and great customer service. Your one stop shop is here with us at You will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

We want to be your primary stop for all your construction clothing and work shoes. With fast and easy ordering, we ship most orders in 24 hours! Our products ensure safety, durability, and comfort making your workday as easy as can be. Our shoes are designed with valuable and convenient features like waterproof, electrical hazard, slip resistant, and insulated boots to protect you on the job. We ensure every product we carry is chosen with our customers in mind as our top priority. Some of our best-selling work boot and shoe brands we offer include: Wolverine, Genuine Grip, Puma, and Moxie Trades. While our footwear is top notch, our safety apparel is just as exceptional. carries a wide variety of workwear like, overalls, work pants, work shirts, high-vis, rain suits, jackets, and sweatshirts. With comfortable and reliable material, our customers love wearing our work clothing as it keeps them protected and does its job right!We also offer a wide variety of construction safety equipment including protective hard hats, safety glasses, and hearing protection. Our safety gear is designed to shield and support our customers day to day activities, while receiving the maximum use out of each product. We even carry on-site safety equipment like fall protection harnesses, flashlights and LED headlamps, gas detection, and welding protection. What is a successful workday without those many accessories that assist you in your daily routine? From cooling products and work gloves, to belts, and socks--Construction Gear will not disappoint with their selection of work gear accessories available. Protection, whether you're on a construction side or in a factory, is important, and our store offers products to protect and cover parts of your body by trusted brands like OccuNomix, Pyramex, Liberty Glove, MSA, and FallTech. 041b061a72


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