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[S14E17] Take A Letter

When Lois becomes concerned about Stewie's day care, she wants to send him to an exclusive preschool. While at the post office, she finds that Cleveland has a job with them and takes his suggestion to come work for them when she admits they need money. On her first day, Cleveland shows her around and provides tips on snooping through the mail. When Mayor West drops off an undeliverable letter, she offers to sort though the dead letter bin and see if she can properly match the correct address on some. While doing this, she finds a letter from Peter to a woman dated just a week before their wedding.

[S14E17] Take A Letter

She takes her concerns to Bonnie who suggests that she mail it to see what it may be about. She delivers it personally and meets Gretchen, where she finds out that she is his former girlfriend and is told that Peter was simply happy to be getting married. Gretchen shows up at the Griffin home and reveals that the letter really said that Peter had doubts about his impending marriage and she pressures him to start their relationship again at the risk of her informing Lois of the letter's true content.

While they are out for coffee, Peter tries to explain that he really loves Lois and Gretchen seems to accept this with the condition of a final concert date. Peter continues to feel guilty, and when he leaves, Gretchen's mood changes. At the post office, Lois hears noises but dismisses them. Gretchen texts Peter about solving their problem. Meg interprets this for Peter, informing him that Gretchen is a spurned girlfriend psycho, and he rushes in to the post office as Gretchen pulls a gun on Lois. She reads the letter at Gretchen's insistence and he explains about being scared of disappointing her and of her family who hated him. However, Lois is still angry and seems to give up, but when she steps away, Gretchen starts to move toward Peter and Lois decks her, explaining that she faked being angry with Peter to get Gretchen to drop her guard. Lois admits that she was scared about their wedding too, but she loves Peter as well and is happy about their lives. To show their appreciation for each other, they try to make love on opposite sides of a letter box, but Peter's penis gets stuck.

When Mayor West brings Lois an undeliverable piece of mail, Cleveland shows her the dead letter bin and she decides she's going to organize it. Almost immediately she comes across a letter from Peter to another woman.

The story ends up turning into a Fatal Attraction lite when the other woman, Gretchen, decides to get Lois out of the way so she can have Peter all to herself, because she misinterprets the letter Peter wrote to her a thousand years ago.

After Homer finds a letter and a video revealing that Marge only married Homer because he got her pregnant, Homer moves out (again) and finds himself in Springfield's gayborhood, living with two homosexual roommates.

The Simpsons start a puzzle and finish it but are missing a piece. Homer then believes it is in Marge's memory chest and is sidetracked by a letter Marge wrote the day Moe's Tavern opened. Marge was originally going to break up with Homer as he got drunk which makes Homer go through marital problems and makes him sleep in Bart's room. Homer then moves into Kirk Van Houten's apartment but leaves after realizing how depressing it is.

While walking home Homer sees a newspaper bender and takes one which features a classified advertisement for an open apartment in the Gay District of Springfield. In the new apartment Homer moves in with two gay men named Grady and Julio and Homer starts the learn about gay culture and even takes the kids to his new home. The next day Marge uses "Weird Al" Yankovic to get Homer back and asks Homer to go on a date. Homer then forgets while having Margaritas with the "Velvet Mafia" and asks Grady and Julio if they own a gay time machine (Grady's shoe closet) and tell Homer no but he is missing his date with Marge. Homer then feels nervous and Grady and Julio's Margaritas have made Homer feel better but he arrives drunk for his and Marge's date at the Medieval Times restaurant.

Grady is voiced by the openly gay comedian/actor Scott Thompson, most famous for being a member of the Canadian sketch comedy troupe The Kids In The Hall. "Weird Al" Yankovic has said that he was called in a week before the episode aired to re-record a line sung in the ending credits. The original line was "Oh yeah, we've got time to fill; why don't you go pee before King Of The Hill?" However, prior to the airing, it was learned that King Of The Hill was moved to an earlier time slot and the slot after The Simpsons was taken by the new show Oliver Beene. The new line was sung as "Oh yeah, 'Weird Al' had fun on this show; even if it was just a brief cameo".

However, Homer also finds some doctor note in the box which indicates Marge found out she was pregnant the next day. He puts two and two together, and decides that this means Marge only stayed with him because of Bart, and that she never loved him. Despite years of evidence to the contrary. So Homer sits in the room, depressed, until Marge comes in with the missing puzzle piece, and he confronts her about the letter. She admits that things were dire that night, and Homer flips out, deciding their whole marriage was based on lies.

At a diner, Castiel is sitting at a table waiting for Sister Jo. As she sits down at the table, he hands her a box with a pair of earrings. He tells her they are lightly cursed, but nothing an angel couldn't handle. They're not a gift, though -- he needs her help to contact God, a prospect that elicits a laugh from Jo. Castiel reminds her that she was Joshua's right hand and saw how God and Joshua communicated, and that he needs God's help to restore Jack's soul. Jo refuses to help. Castiel moves to take back the earrings, which causes Jo to reveal that Joshua did have contact with God after the Fall, and that she can take Castiel to someone that may be able to help.

Dean and Mary walk into the Bunker with Nick. Sam quickly grabs him and slams him against the wall, but Dean stops him from going any further. Nick is tied to a chair and left in the Bunker's dungeon while Sam, Dean, and Mary discuss what to do next. Sam suggests hacking the live feed to locate Donatello, but says it would take a while. With limited time remaining, they decided to talk with Nick. As Dean goes to talk with Nick, Sam tells Mary he feels responsible for the deaths Nick caused, as he wanted to give Nick a chance. Mary assures him that Nick made his choices on his own and tells Sam he is a good man, and that is why she is so proud of him.

The Impala arrives at the building where Donatello is being held. Nick is riding in the back, handcuffed. Meanwhile, Cas and Jo leave the store. He gives the earrings to her and offers her a ride, but she decides to take a cab. At the Bunker, Mary is going through a box of Nick's things, when Jack sees the syringe and holds it in his hand, telling Mary it held angel grace.

Exiting the cabin, Mary is met by Jack. He tells her that he healed Sam and wants to explain why he did what he did. Nick was a bad person, he says, and he had to be stopped, but Mary tells him to take her home. He asks her to tell him it was okay, what he did. She replies that the Jack she knew wouldn't have done that. He says Sam and Dean were grateful. She replies that they didn't know what he had done. He wants to know if she will tell them. She responds that he needs help and they can help and that they are family. A visibly distressed Jack tells Mary to leave him alone. As she follows him into the woods, Jack continues to scream to be left alone. The screen goes black and Jack begins worriedly saying Mary's name.

The Stonehenge claims of AA are utterly ridiculous on so many levels. I applaud the work Jason does here, and am saddened by those that actually take the show seriously. Have they ever taken an ancient history class? The most superficial similarities are taken as proof of an all-powerful, world-hopping group that must be responsible.

On his way, Donut mistakes the Blue Base for a store and takes the Blue flag in order to avoid returning empty-handed. In response, the Blues attempt to retrieve the flag from Donut (who at the time was thought to be Sarge due to his armor color), but are foiled by Grif and Simmons. The Reds then hold off the Blue's long enough for the now very confused Donut to get back to Red Base with the flag. After the Reds won the battle, the Blues retreat and call Command for help. Blue Command hires Tex who is then sent in by the Blues to retrieve the flag and take care of the Reds.

Later, Donut gives Sarge the idea to take over the Blue Base after witnessing the Blues infiltrate Red base. When the Reds emerge from the caves they take control of Blue base. While there, they notice the Blues being ambushed by Wyoming. As a result, the Reds (not counting Donut) use the Warthog and eliminate numerous Wyoming clones. Unfortunately, the Reds are infected by Omega, Donut included. He is knocked down by Tex and the latter takes Omega and leaves Blood Gulch. Afterwards, the Reds return to their base, where Sarge and Donut call down Grif and Simmons to name the new vehicle.

After Sarge and Grif leave with Caboose, Simmons decides to blow-up Blue Base. When Simmons takes too long trying to blow up Blue Base, Donut decides to go check on him. Donut finds Simmons staring at the items Caboose collected in Blue Base. Donut tells Simmons that Caboose has Epsilon, which causes Simmons to go frantic because Caboose was supposed to return it in exchange for their new bases. When Simmons can't contact Sarge by radio, he decides he has to go find them, leaving Donut at Blue Base. Lopez builds Simmons mongooses for transportation, and before he goes, Simmons goes back to Donut.

Donut is cleaning the Blue Base when the Meta walks in. Donut mistakes him for a new "Blue Team" soldier. The Meta tries several times to kill Donut, but Donut avoids his attacks by dumb luck, and thinks the Meta is trying to help him. When Simmons drives to Blue Base, Donut tells him the "the Blues have a new soldier." Simmons sees the Meta and yells as he runs away, leaving Donut alone with Meta. After the Meta chases Simmons back to Red Base, Donut reappears in the base acting casually saying that he didn't know who the Meta was and thought that the Meta was a friend of Simmons. 041b061a72


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