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ArcGIS Enterprise provides a suite of configurable app templates that allow you to create web mapping applications. Over the years, app templates have been renamed, moved to mature status, or retired, and replaced with improved templates for creating apps that use updated designs and technology, the latest being ArcGIS Instant Apps.ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 is the last version that supports using existing apps that were created from configurable app templates that have been moved to mature or retired status. It is also the last version that supports creating apps from mature or retired templates. The affected app templates have been removed from ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0. See the table of affected app templates in the Appendix at the end of this notice.The following Configurable Apps templates have not been removed from ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0 and are still available and supported for creating apps and using and editing the existing apps. However, they are planned to be deprecated in the same way in the near future, at which time a similar notice will be posted with replacement options.

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Note:The following table includes only deprecated app templates that have been supported or are in mature status since ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, because ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0 can only be updated directly from versions 10.7 and later.If you have apps created from older templates, refer to the Esri Support Product Life Cycle page to access their public item pages to obtain the template ID in the URL field. Click the View button for the template to go to the download page for the item, which gives an overview of the template and provides the URL.For example: On the 3D Data Visualization page , the URL given is:

The aim of this study was to compare the tumor antigen-specific T-cell repertoire generated by transduced, human dendritic cells (DCs). The transductions were three commonly used antigen delivery procedures: adenovirus (AdV) infection, RNA electroporation, and liposome-mediated protein transfection. The DCs in each experimental group were transfected with similar efficacy and matured using TNF-α, anti-CD40, or lipopolysaccharide. Regardless of the gene transfer method or the maturation stimuli used, the DCs were indistinguishable with regard to surface phenotype and allostimulatory capacity. With the exception of the Adv transduced group, the T cells generated were tumor antigen specific, as characterized by high IFN-gamma production. The T cells generated upon stimulation with DCs subjected to AdV infection, and subsequently treated with TNF-α, exhibited tumor antigen specificity, but accompanied by reduced proliferation and IFNγ production and increased IL-10 production. Moreover, these T cells exerted a suppressive effect on both autologous and allogeneic lymphocytes resembling type 1 regulatory T cells (Tr1). The authors show that mature DCs may induce tumor antigen-specific Tr1 cells by the appearance of high IL-10 and low IL-12. Similar results were also obtained with AdV-infected and TNF-matured DCs regardless of the transgene used. This work supports the conclusion that it can no longer be assumed that mature DCs induce only antitumor reactive T cells.

The answer is Yes. These apps will remain as items in ArcGIS Online after they have been moved to the mature phase. If you still want to use the apps, you can create a custom configurable app group that contains the app item. Set this group as your configurable app template group in the organization administration settings. Members in your organization will then be able to create additional apps from the template.

I have a map which is part of the existing Configurable App I built a while ago and now it moves to mature phase. Can my app continue to work and be accessible if I open the map in new Map Viewer , enable a few new capabilities (such as Effect) and save it in new Map Viewer?

We recommend you migrate your existing configurable apps to the new ArcGIS Instant Apps, which is the next generation of Configurable Apps and built on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x. You will continue enjoying the simple to build experience with workflow-driving application. Be prepared to discover many new features and capabilities that are not available with Configurable Apps. Browse the new gallery of ArcGIS Instant Apps to get some fresh ideas!

Mature teratomas in the chest are typically located within the anterior mediastinum. The authors report a case of a mature teratoma in a young adult male with characteristic imaging features except for its location: the posterior mediastinum. On review of the literature, 3% to 8% are reported as confined to the posterior mediastinum and 13% have extension into other mediastinal compartments.

In AGO, if I go to create a Nearby or Zone lookup configurable app they are now marked mature. I have not seen any announcements about them being retired. Nearby was introduced less than a year ago (Introducing Nearby, a new Configurable App). Are they really being mature'd out of use? If so, what is the recommended replacement?

Nearby and Zone Lookup configurable apps were updated to use a new, updated configuration panel earlier this year. The older apps were moved to mature support when the newer apps were released. The blog referenced in your question was updated to point to the new Nearby app. If you are seeing the mature apps in your configurable app gallery when creating new apps your organization may have set a custom group to be the configurable app gallery. Visit this help topic for steps on how to get the latest configurable apps into your gallery.

As an AGO admin, its unclear how I am supposed to know when a configurable app was marked mature, why it was marked mature, what the recommended migration route is, and when and how frequently I should be refreshing the "share the Esri default configurable apps with group" setting.

Please look at my extensive manual on how to get the most out of GalleryES! If you have an older gallery already installed, be sure to make backups of changes! Using overrides is easiest way to avoid overwriting.

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