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Chastity Quest: Chasing The Next Release [Build...

There's a lot of content, but it is not that easy to find. Always use all dialog options all people.Also, all content just leads to some form of sex, which is totally against the idea of "chasing the next release". where's the chasing? there's just release after release.

Chastity Quest: Chasing the Next Release [Build...

$5+ Patrons, you have your own post with the FINAL RELEASE of Chastity Quest!That's right...chastity quest is technically done, save for bug fixes! Of course, the Public Release lags behind by one release, so...Build 14 is now available for the Public! Build 14 introduced the last major area of the game. It also added Music to the game as a whole, and overhauled a few major systems for some major Quality of Life improvements (such as Fast Travel and the ability to Lock Dominance). There's a lot packed into is, so...just read the release notes please!

Moving onto the good news... it's finally public! The 'Slut School' version is complete enough that we can move to release 11, where you free-to-play users can finally experience the next iteration of Trap Quest, where we maintain the core gameplay of the 4 core regions and sort-of bounce off of it, allowing you to periodically hop into what is a quasi-safe-zone with a bunch of useful rooms, in exchange for having to take part in a 'lesson' where you will have to participate in lewder and lewder challenges as you are promoted through the ranks.

Hey everyone, hopefully the fact that this is up before the end of the month is evidence that now I'm done with the public source code release I'm trying to pick up the pace! After any hotfixes that this one needs, the next version might be a little while because I'm going to be working on something big. 041b061a72


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