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Trados Studio 2011

I wanted to start my Studio 2011 articles with this topic for two reasons: (1) This is an important enhancement of Studio for those who are stuck with clients who still require this old Trados file format, and (2) The process can be a bit confusing. Hopefully, the following information can make it easier and clearer.

Trados Studio 2011

I recently did a Trados bilingual file (presegmented and pretranslated by client) in Studio 2011 SP2R2 and was not able to save the file back to its orginal bilingual format for delivery. When I ran the QA in Studio, it displayed a list of 103 errors for this 1,100-segment file. I then logged this incident in SDL Support, as I have a PMSA contract with them. It turns out that there were two segments that I did not handle the formatting tags properly. After these tags were properly fixed, I was able to save this file in Trados 2007 format.

Browsing the web recently for answers to some (many?) questions I had about settings and features in Trados Studio 2011, I came frequently across the question about quotation mark tags. More specifically, how to insert language-specific quotation marks in Trados Studio 2011. If you are working, for example, on a translation from French into German, there are two things to consider with regards to quotation marks: 1) the quotation marks themselves and 2) the non-breaking spaces between the quotation marks and the word(s) in quotation: non-breaking spaces . When translating into German, you want to have the specific quotation marks and no space between.

For more information, tips and tricks with Trados Studio 2011 watch this space or refer to the Trados Studio 2011 user manual. It also contains a list of very helpful and resourceful blogs that have helped me a lot along the way.

For us an agency, this tool is very helpful especially when the translators do not have the SDL Trados Studio 2011. We can use this tool to convert SDLXLIFF files to and importing from Trados legacy formats. It only takes seconds to have the files processed to our desired files.

As a member of the KantanMT Community, using SDL Trados Studio 2011 or 2014 you can launch and shutdown your KantanMT engines and retrieve translations on demand via the API from your KantanMT account, all you need to provide is your KantanMT account name, token and profile.

I am a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese with an undergraduate degree in English and Portuguese studies. I currently live in Brazil where I have been working as a fulltime...Read moreI am a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese with an undergraduate degree in English and Portuguese studies. I currently live in Brazil where I have been working as a fulltime translator since 2010. While a teacher, I have taught English for groups of all ages and at different levels of learning and different environments as well. As a translator I have come across all kinds of work, from academic texts to technical translation and even sworn translator that I normally do in a partnership with a sworn translator that lives in my hometown.I am currently enrolled in my second undergraduate degree in IT and due to that, IT is one of my specialty fields.My working CAT Tool is Trados Studio 2015.Area Covered: Worldwide(March/2013-Present) Letras & DadosCompany owner and Translator.(April/2013-June/2013) GFTIT intern in the Testing team.(March/2004-Present) Freelancer Translator (EN/SP-PT(BR) and PT(BR)-EN)-Translation of technical documents in the areas of IT, Telecommunications, Engineering, Product Patents, etc.-Translation of websites.-Translation of software and apps interfaces.-Translation and subtitling of movies-Editing and translation of images, diagrams, fluxograms, graphics, etc.-Audio and video transcription, creation and synchronization of subtitles for videos. (November/2010-July/2012) Galano & RuvolloFreelancer translator of texts from English into Portuguese.(July/2011-July/2012) Live LinguaFreelancer Portuguese for Foreigners Teacher through Skype.Company Name: Microlins SorocabaWork Experience Summary: ((June/2010-Present) Microlins SorocabaEnglish Teacher.(November/2010-February/2011)Specially For YourTranslator - Translation of Math related contents, from English into Brazilian Portuguese.(July/2010-October/2010)Emerson Process Management Ltda.Translator - Translation project (English to Portuguese). Use of the software Alchemy for doing the translation.(July/2009 and Jan/2010) English is CoolTeacher of the English immersion course of the months of July and January, respectively.(February/2009-April/2009) Freelancer TranslatorTranslation project - translation of documents of a licitation process to Blowtex company.(March/2008-August/2008) Horacio Cursos Preparatorios Teacher of English in pre-university courses for young adults.(May/2006-August/2006) - Centro Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos - Sorocaba Teacher of the basic levels of English for teenagers and young adults.(March/2004-December/2004) - Freelancer Translator Freelancer translator of tv movies and technical videos from English into Brazilian Portuguese.(October/2003-January/2004) - Private Portuguese TeacherPrivate Portuguese Teacher with content directed for specific tests(May/2002-August/2002) - Yazigi Internexus - Sorocaba English Teaching Assistant - responsible for activities of music, videos, games and conversational related to the learning of English as a Foreign Language.Education Summary: UNISO - Universidade de SorocabaMaster in Psychopedagogy, inconcluded -(Studies finished in June 2005)UNISO - Universdade de SorocabaB.A. in Portuguese and English, concluded in December, 2003ETEC Fernando Prestes - Technical State School - Fernando PrestesVocational - Business Administration, concluded in December, 2008.Integra Surdos (School for deaf and hearing impaired)LIBRAS - Brazilian Sign Language (January 2011 to March 2011)CCBEU Sorocaba - Centro Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos - SorocabaEnglish course (August 1995 to December 1999)Spanish course (September 1996 to December 2000)German course (May 2007 to November 2008)


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