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Resource HubResource PlaylistsThe Brewers Association has resources on every topic important to the craft brewing industry. Playlists are curated lists of resources and related content intended to guide you through one topic at a time.

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Acrobat Pro is the all-in-one solution to electronically sign documents, convert, and edit PDFs. This trial includes full access to Acrobat Pro software, Acrobat Reader, and Acrobat online services to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

The free trial period begins on the day you sign up. At the end of the free trial period, your payment method will be charged unless you cancel. Cancel before your free trial ends and you won't be charged. On the 8th day, payment will be collected unless you cancel prior. When the free trial expires, you can still use Acrobat to view PDFs, comment and fill forms. To access all the features again, you will need to purchase Acrobat.

Highlight Crafts Ltd is a family owned craft company located in the heart of England. Our products are designed in the UK and produced to the highest of standards. We have a fabulous variety of brands to cover a multitude of crafty techniques.

The modern-casual meatball and butchery-inspired concept is the first of its kind to launch in Phoenix. Brought by visionaries and operators of Tomaso's, Hash Kitchen, The Mexicano, and The Sicilian Baker. The Sicilian Butcher is a chef-driven neighborhood restaurant developed by celebrity chef Joey Maggiore, his wife and lead designer Cristina Maggiore, and business partner Flora Tersigni.

Translate into 100+ languages, assign & shuffle work in seconds, automate repetitive tasks, and check progress in real-time. Monitor everything on-the-go from your dashboard on the web, tablet, or mobile device.

Heat Transfer Vinyl goes by many different names, but they all mean the same thing. HTV is the abbreviation of Heat Transfer Vinyl. You may also see it referred to as Heat Set Vinyl, Hot Transfer Film, Iron On Fabric, or Heat Press Vinyl. It is a specialty material designed with a unique heat-activated adhesive on the back. When applied with the proper heat temperature and the correct pressure, the heat activated adhesive forms a strong bond on porous surfaces such as fabrics, leathers, and other textiles. HTV is ideal for creating custom apparel designs that are both durable and washable.

Adhesive vinyl, also known as peel and stick vinyl, self adhesive vinyl film, adhesive film, decal vinyl, craft vinyl, sticker vinyl, sign vinyl, permanent, removable or wall vinyl is a thin flexible material with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing similar to a sticker. To use adhesive vinyl simply cut out a design, peel off the paper backing, and stick your custom decal to any smooth, hard, flat surface. Most designs require the use of transfer tape to transfer the design to its final destination without misshaping it. Adhesive vinyl will not adhere to fabrics, textiles, or textured surfaces. Adhesive Vinyl is never applied with heat. Adhesive vinyl is further categorized into three categories based on the strength of the adhesive backing.

Hotfix Rhinestones are the best way to add rhinestones to apparel and are applied with a crafting heat press. These rhinestones are used in conjunction with Magic Flock Rhinestone templates and heat-resistant Acrylic Hotfix tape. HotFix Rhinestones are made with a heat-activated adhesive disk on the back of the Rhinestone. This special HotFix adhesive adheres the rhinestone to fabric, or other specialty heat transfer materials once heat and pressure are applied. Always refer to the application setting for your particular stones and heat press for best results. Most HotFix Rhinestones can be applied at 325 degrees F for 15 seconds, allow the rhinestone design to cool slightly, peel the Acrylic Hotfix Tape and press again for 5-10 seconds. The 2nd press sets the stones and helps remove any lifting that may happen when removing the sticky transfer tape.

An SVG is a Scalable Vector Graphic file type that is compatible with most design software. SVG design downloads are perfect for Cricut and Cameo users. A live template is a design that allows you to make live edits to text and graphics without changing the format of the design, saving you time and simplifying the design process. Live editing is only possible in the CorelDRAW software with the TRW Design Wizard add-on. A regular SVG will be provided alongside the live template for use with other design software. A rhinestone design is an SVG that comes ready-to-cut and sized perfectly for creating easy to use rhinestone templates.

We love our customers! You are a vital part of the TRW Crew and we are here for you. Every day we post new designs, free svg downloads, DIY craft ideas, and free tutorials specially created just for you. We are real people, in the USA, who really use the products we sell. Need guidance? Stuck on a design project? Our customer service team does more than just process your orders. Call our customer service team (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST) and our experts will help solve your crafting mysteries, so you can get the creativity rolling.

Everyday TRW offers all of our customers the highest quality HTV, adhesive vinyl, rhinestones and supplies on the market at the lowest possible price. If you own your own business making custom apparel, gifts and accessories, be sure to take advantage of the bulk discounts TRW offers on many of our most popular products. With TRW, the more you buy, the more you save. You can also join our YouTube AllStars membership program and earn extra coupon codes, free training, free SVG downloads, rhinestone designs and fonts. If you have a business located within the state of Florida, please email a copy of your current Florida Resale Certificate to [email protected], so your sales tax exemption can be added to your account. When submitting your resale certificate please include the name and email address associated with your online account at Your resale exemption will be applied within 2 business days.


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