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[S1E3] Bam Kicking His Dad's Ass All Day Today

In the afternoon, the camera points at Phil, who is working. Suddenly a bunch of papers and magazines are thrown at Phil's head and Bam starts punching his dad's shoulder.An hour later, Phil is on the phone when Bam starts punching him again. Phil can't take it anymore and starts wildly throwing punches and kicking while still lying on the bed. Bam jumps on his dad and starts punching him even harder before grabbing the phone and telling the person on the other end of the line to call back later. In the meanwhile, Phil had fallen of the bed and was just getting up as Bam rolls on the bed and stretches his legs to plant a double kick on Phil, wich lands right on the side of his head. A little bit later, Phil is lying on the bed again as Bam starts punching him, this time Phil tries to kick the camera out of Bam's hands, although he lands a kick Bam has a steady grip on the camera and doesn't lose it.

[S1E3] Bam Kicking His Dad's Ass All Day Today



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