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Fargo (1996)1996

Fargo (1996) is a self-proclaimed "homespun murder story" set in the white-washed, winter wilderness of the frozen and bleak Upper Midwest. One of its taglines was: "A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere." An anomaly of categorization, the contemporary masterpiece is a film noir (with stark white vistas and backdrops), a satirical comedy, a suspenseful crime drama, and a violent mystery thriller.

Fargo (1996)1996

Fargo is the 1996 neo-noir comedy crime film directed by the Coen Brothers and starring Frances McDormand as the police chief of a small town who finds herself having to investigate a series of homicides while dealing with her own pregnancy. The film would be nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture and McDormand would receive the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the film. Fargo would also spawn a 2014 FX television series adaptation.

Fargo is a 1996 Oscar-winning American crime drama film produced, directed, written, and edited by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen. It is the original film that inspired the 2014 TV adaptation of the same name in which the Coens serve as executive producers.

Fargo the movie was released in 1996 as a black comedy thriller written, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen (a.k.a. the Coen brothers). It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and received seven Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

The Wells Fargo Center, one of the busiest arenas in the world, is home of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League, the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association, and the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League. After opening its doors for the first time with the World Cup of Hockey on August 31, 1996, the Wells Fargo Center has hosted a variety of nationally-recognized events, including:

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