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FBO Delivers Sustained Mobile Phone Performance ##BEST##

As consumers invest in premium phones for their high-resolution cameras or gaming capabilities, the possibility of sustained high performance over the life of the phone and an extended phone lifetime is a potential game-changer.

FBO Delivers Sustained Mobile Phone Performance

The evolution of mobile phones has introduced concurrent apps, multitasking, download speeds for rich media, and faster application launches. The demands on embedded flash storage are stupendous, so fragmentation is exacerbated.

The resulting solution essentially reroutes how data is written to available blocks in a NAND flash array. When a host (such as a mobile phone) is new, there are plenty of blocks available to write data sequentially. As they fill up, flash management sends data to available blocks, wherever they may be, fragmenting the data.

Engineers at Xiaomi have since simulated read and write performance to verify FBO can eliminate the performance degradation of mobile phones associated with fragmentation. A simulated test showed reading speeds to remain intact as opposed to slowing over time.

As the latest mobile phones continue to evolve in functionality and performance, the underlying storage is keeping pace with innovations of its own. The next time you need to replace a phone, a feature like FBO can help optimize performance and extend its life.

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