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7 mkr, Tayqa marketə yaxın, yeni tikili, 18/8 mərtəbə, 2 otaq, 88 m²

7mkr Menziller: A Guide to the New Residential Buildings in Baku

If you are looking for a modern, comfortable, and affordable place to live in Baku, you might want to consider 7mkr menziller. These are new residential buildings that have been built in the 7th microdistrict of the city, offering a variety of options for buyers and renters. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about 7mkr menziller, including their features, benefits, and how to get one.


What are 7mkr menziller?

7mkr menziller are new residential buildings that have been constructed in the 7th microdistrict of Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. The name 7mkr menzil means "apartment in the 7th microdistrict" in Azerbaijani. The 7th microdistrict is one of the most developed and populated areas of the city, with many shops, schools, parks, and public transport options nearby.

7mkr menziller

Why are they popular?

7mkr menziller are popular because they offer a high-quality living standard at a reasonable price. They are designed to meet the needs and preferences of different types of customers, from singles and couples to families and professionals. They are also attractive because they are new and modern, with stylish interiors and exteriors. They have been built according to the latest standards of construction and engineering, ensuring durability and safety.

What are the benefits of living in 7mkr menziller?

Living in 7mkr menziller has many benefits, such as:

  • Convenience: You can enjoy living in a central location, with easy access to various services and facilities. You can also save time and money on commuting, as you can reach many places by walking or taking public transport.

  • Comfort: You can relax in a spacious and cozy apartment, with all the necessary amenities and utilities. You can also customize your apartment according to your taste and style, as you can choose from different layouts and finishes.

  • Community: You can socialize with your neighbors and friends, as 7mkr menziller have common areas and events for residents. You can also benefit from the support and assistance of the management and staff, who are always ready to help you with any issues or requests.

Features of 7mkr menziller

Location and accessibility

7mkr menziller are located in the 7th microdistrict of Baku, which is one of the most convenient and desirable areas of the city. The microdistrict is well-connected to other parts of the city by roads and public transport, such as buses, metro, and taxis. You can also find many shops, markets, cafes, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, universities, parks, playgrounds, sports centers, cinemas, theaters, museums, and other attractions within walking distance or a short drive from your apartment.

Design and architecture

7mkr menziller are designed and built by reputable developers and architects, who have used modern materials and technologies to create attractive and functional buildings. The buildings have different heights and shapes, ranging from 16 to 18 floors. They have elegant facades and balconies, with large windows that allow natural light and ventilation. They also have landscaped gardens and courtyards, with fountains and benches for relaxation.

Facilities and Facilities and amenities

7mkr menziller have various facilities and amenities for the comfort and convenience of the residents. Some of these include:

  • Lifts and escalators: Each building has multiple lifts and escalators that operate 24/7, ensuring easy and fast access to your apartment.

  • Parking: Each building has a secure and spacious parking area, where you can park your car or bike. You can also rent or buy a parking space if you need one.

  • Heating and cooling: Each apartment has a central heating and cooling system, which allows you to adjust the temperature according to your preference. You can also use individual air conditioners or heaters if you want.

  • Water and electricity: Each apartment has a constant supply of water and electricity, which are included in the monthly service fee. You can also use a generator or a water tank in case of emergencies.

  • Internet and TV: Each apartment has a high-speed internet connection and a cable TV service, which are also included in the monthly service fee. You can also use your own devices or subscriptions if you want.

  • Gym and pool: Each building has a modern gym and a swimming pool, where you can exercise and relax. You can also use the sauna, jacuzzi, or massage room if you want.

  • Playground and kindergarten: Each building has a playground and a kindergarten, where you can take your children or grandchildren. You can also use the babysitting service if you need one.

  • Supermarket and cafe: Each building has a supermarket and a cafe, where you can buy groceries or have a snack. You can also order food delivery or catering if you want.

Security and safety

7mkr menziller have high standards of security and safety, ensuring the protection and peace of mind of the residents. Some of these include:

7mkr menziller satılır

7mkr menziller yeni tikili

7mkr menziller kreditle

7mkr menziller qiymeti

7mkr menziller abu yaxın

7mkr menziller tayqa marketə yaxın

7mkr menziller qanuni otaq

7mkr menziller yaxşı təmirli

7mkr menziller çıxarışlı

7mkr menziller ankara sadlıq sarayı yaxın

7mkr menziller baku şəhəri

7mkr menziller mərtəbəli

7mkr menziller sahəsi

7mkr menziller kirayə

7mkr menziller elanları

7mkr menziller fotoşəkilləri

7mkr menziller nömrəsi

7mkr menziller facebook səhifəsi

7mkr menziller dizaynı

7mkr menziller gumush residence yaxın

7mkr menziller metro yaxın

7mkr menziller park yaxın

7mkr menziller mənzil alqı-satqısı

7mkr menziller balkonlu

7mkr menziller mətbəxli

7mkr menziller liftli

7mkr menziller qazlı

7mkr menziller suyu olan

7mkr menziller internetli

7mkr menziller telefonlu

7mkr menziller kondisionerli

7mkr menziller isıq sistemi olan

7mkr menziller mühafizəli

7mkr menziller avtoparklı

7mkr menziller uşaq meydançası olan

7mkr menziller spor zallı olan

7mkr menziller marketlər yaxın

7mkr menziller məktəblər yaxın

7mkr menziller xəstəxanalar yaxın

7mkr menziller apteklər yaxın

7mkr menziller banklar yaxın

7mkr menziller restoranlar yaxın

7mkr menziller kafe-barlar yaxın

7mkr menziller kinoteatrlar yaxın

7mkr menziller parklar yaxın

7mkr menziller muzeylər yaxın

7mkr menziller kültür mərkəzləri yaxın

7mkr menziller ibadətxanalar yaxın

  • CCTV cameras and guards: Each building has CCTV cameras and guards that monitor the premises 24/7, preventing any unauthorized access or suspicious activity.

  • Fire alarms and extinguishers: Each building has fire alarms and extinguishers that detect and control any fire hazards or emergencies.

  • Smoke detectors and sprinklers: Each apartment has smoke detectors and sprinklers that alert and protect the residents in case of fire.

  • Intercoms and locks: Each apartment has intercoms and locks that allow the residents to communicate with the visitors or the staff, and to secure their doors or windows.

  • Safety deposit boxes and safes: Each apartment has safety deposit boxes and safes that allow the residents to store their valuables or documents.

How to buy or rent a 7mkr menzil

Price range and payment options

The price range of 7mkr menziller depends on the size, location, condition, and features of the apartment. Generally, the price range is between 80,000 AZN to 200,000 AZN for buying, and between 300 AZN to 800 AZN for renting. The price may vary depending on the market demand and supply, as well as the negotiation skills of the buyer or renter.

The payment options for 7mkr menziller are flexible and convenient. You can pay by cash, bank transfer, credit card, or installment plan. You can also apply for a mortgage loan or a rental subsidy if you qualify for one.

Legal documents Legal documents and procedures

Before buying or renting a 7mkr menzil, you need to prepare and sign some legal documents and follow some procedures. Some of these include:

  • Contract: This is the main document that specifies the terms and conditions of the deal, such as the price, payment method, duration, rights and obligations, etc. You need to read and understand the contract carefully before signing it.

  • Title deed: This is the document that proves the ownership of the property. You need to check the validity and authenticity of the title deed before buying or renting a 7mkr menzil.

  • Registration: This is the process of registering the property in your name or in the name of your legal representative. You need to pay a registration fee and submit some documents, such as your ID card, passport, visa, etc.

  • Tax: This is the amount of money that you need to pay to the government for buying or renting a property. You need to pay a property tax, a stamp duty, a value added tax, etc.

  • Insurance: This is the service that covers the risks and damages that may occur to your property or to yourself. You need to buy an insurance policy that suits your needs and budget.

Tips and advice

Here are some tips and advice that can help you buy or rent a 7mkr menzil successfully:

Do your research: Before making a decision, you need to do some research about the market, the location, the de


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