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Where Can I Buy Fried Green Tomato Chips

Fried green tomatoes have a unique flavor. I would best compare them to taking a nice bite out of an extra crispy breaded eggplant parmesan slice without any bitterness. The texture is also juicier than eggplant.

where can i buy fried green tomato chips

I made this recipe exactly as written. Quick and easy. They were crunchy and delicious without the use of oil. I will make again and again as fried green tomatoes are one of my favorite foods. They reheat well also. Thank you!

Osetra caviar can be served on a variety of vehicles; potato chips among favorites! This delicious method uses a fried green tomato slice (crispy and savory) served with creme fraiche and our Osetra caviar. Submitted by Bert Sackman (LA)

Baked green tomatoes are so delicious. We swap out the frumpy flour coating with a coating created with non-GMO Beanfields bean chips. We also trade the not-so-good process of frying with the healthier process of baking for a delicious recipe that sates your fried green tomato cravings.

Since we're already on a healthy path with our baked green tomatoes recipe, it only makes sense to make one more move that makes the dish healthier still. Get rid of the typical white flour coating. Eating too much white flour is also known for increasing "bad" cholesterol levels, which can then lead to a load of fun things like weight gain, high blood pressure and mood swings. It can also contribute to conditions like fatty liver. Not good.

The process of making fried tomatoes is super simple. A quick dredge in a flour/egg/breadcrumb mix before frying in a very hot pan until crisp is about all it takes. I had my fried green tomatoes on the table in about 15 minutes.

I will say that my favorite was definitely the Crispy Taco. It truly tastes like eating a taco. You know it is a mind-blowing experience when you can actually taste the hints of lettuce! And I was not alone in commenting on the lettuce sensation. Every person I made try these chips offered their surprise over the hint of leafy green they tasted.

There are about a hundred ways you can fry a green tomato. Everyone has an opinion, and most of them will get you a tangy, tasty final result. This recipe is a good basic (because I like the basics) and you can easily adjust or build the flavors to your preference.

Add on some seared, juicy shrimp and combine with your fried green tomatoes for a superb home style meal. The creamy cheese, savory sausage, fresh shrimp, and tart tomatoes make an absolutely wonderful combination.

Keep things fresh with another seasonal veggie. Whether you douse it in a light vinaigrette or a creamy dill sauce, a cucumber salad offers a lot of the same flavor profiles as fried green tomatoes, while enlivening and refreshing your palate.

Besides fried green tomatoes, those end-of-the-season green tomatoes can be used in many other recipes. Some great possibilities include hot dog relish and green tomato pickles; even ketchup can be made with green tomatoes. They can also be used to make green tomato pie, moist green tomato cake, or fried corn and green tomato fritters.

Lee Diaz: Ida Claire offers some great Southern fare (see what I did there?). The drink selection offers a variety of Juleps and other flavorful options. Also try the crawfish beignets and fried green tomatoes

Mark B: Nice upscale restaurant.The fried green tomatoes with bufala mozzarella were very good. Can't go wrong with their steaks. NY Strip at 12oz was perfect size. Passion fruit ice cream pie was crazy good!

Our garden is always overrun with tomatoes. We use them for southern tomato pie, pico de gallo, tomato basil bruschetta, and Georgian chicken stew with tomatoes, to name just a few of the many tomato recipes we love. But picking some of the tomatoes early to make fried green tomatoes means we don't have to wait for all of them to completely ripen before we can start enjoying them!

Like so many people not from the South, I've long had curiosity about fried green tomatoes. Where do you find a green tomatoes? (Hint: in your garden or farmer's market, almost never at the store). What do they taste like? Are they really as popular in the South as we think? Does green tomato pie really taste like apple! (Answer: Yes!)

For those of us not raised or living in the South, fried green tomatoes are popular all over in the southern states, not just in Alabama where the popular movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, from the early 90's was based. We saw them on menus in Georgia and South Carolina and tried them multiple times.

While I didn't love fried green tomatoes the first time I tried them, they definitely grew on us. Now both Paul and I