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Find Gun Value By Serial Number

There are several websites devoted to compiling listings of items for sale on eBay. There are also websites that provide guns for sale at various prices. First, search for . Add the word'gun'to your search engine to find sellers of guns. Some will be merchants of arms on the Internet. They are also located all over the place. It is impossible for me to be personal with every dealer on eBay. I have known many of these people personally and though I can call them friend and ask them for leads, I am not interested in profiting from my contacts with sellers. Goodwill is a wonderful thing that can be bought and sold in the online world.

find gun value by serial number

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Once you have found your potential gun seller, use his or her eBay ID as the user ID for a private message on eBay. If you do not have an eBay ID or are not a registered user on eBay, go to the bottom of the eBay page, scroll down until you find the section'Instructions to new users'and select the last option, 'Register as a new user '. Follow the instructions to get an ID. When you get your ID, write your ID down or take a picture of it with your camera or cell phone and store it somewhere safe. Next, start a private message to your potential seller. Tell him or her what you are interested in buying. Be specific about the number of firearms you are interested in, the caliber, make, model, condition and any other information about the guns you want.

If you find a seller, try to obtain as many pictures as possible of the gun. Talk to him or her about the condition of the gun. Determine if the seller is willing to travel to the gun's location. Ask about his or her feedback rating on eBay.


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